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ALBXANDKE   VON   HUMBOIYDT.                   13
cation, Leipzig and Hallo had already lost some of
thotr fawo, and Jona only reached the zenith of Its
#lory at a later period*
In 'Krankturt, Count Dolma, who studied hero from
*l7iH(>-88, bocuuno an iutimato friend of the brotherK
t fwnboldt ; but ho attached hhn#olf more to the elder
brother,, in consequence of MB studios being princi-
pally claHHiu; and, William, an well an Ithodigor, exer-
cised a InHtinfjf mflueneu over him here, and mot him
again at a later period in Gottmgon.
For Alexander notliing could have boon more agree-
ubU1 than tho r<>moval to (}<5ttingon, whicli took place
i'u 17HH ; for at (KJtlingon livod that groat ixuin in tlio
braau^lt of HcuuuiO for which ho folt more a.iad more an,
innate tendency ; here livod and taught BLUMiENBAOH^
the celebrated natural hirttoriati, who^ with hia strong
Ttiindj arranged and  oomprohoudod.  all tho foattiros
of natural  history acconling to form and oxintoneo ;
livt»<l HKYNM, tlio touch or and rc»,vivcr of aTohau1)-
H<utut(«> ;   atul bore   livod KuJHUOKN', tho HH-
n*ology and history woro tho domains of
g ott which tho two brothers workcul in com-
mon ; tlio daBBtcal atifcicixnty-, with ItB philologic and,
artistic* Btudion,, attvracttsd both; history in itw philo-
Ht>pbi(», viow, inUn*ostod Wniiatxx, a\i<l worv<»d A,h^xa,n<l<vr
to coUiU'.li tuaUu'ialH tor (x/Kiuogruphy and^ (ethnology,
Whilo Wiiliani tuiulo hmi«<3ir moro iutiinato with
<!lttH.s"ut iit<n*atur<^ attd tho writingn of tho philosopher
Kant, AloxandtT gave hinw41f up to tho .ux»truetivo
aucl ptuwmal iuflu(*uoo« of Bhuuonbach, but both
brothorn found a oouutiou point of union in tho con-
^(utial inkirt',ontBo with FrofoBnor HKYNK, who HOOXI
tmtc^rrmcl tho yonng inon highlyl and oxorcinod a*
#rt»at iniluoncti on bhoii* futuro Htu<U<^
AU»xand<*r horo formed a now and hating* inoito-
m<wt in the* acquaintentu^ and <jnJokly«eainoiited
frioiulKhip with GKOiuuVJl^^usTW'H, 'JH'KYJSfK'H Hoa-in-law*
Thin man had formorly iuHH>iupanitid Cook iu >his
joitnu^y ronnd the wort 1 1 in fchu capacity of